Free Shipping on Orders Over $50 within the lower 48 contiguous (USA states)

We produce and store all of our products in our warehouse in Cocoa, FL, to insure fast, efficient delivery. Most orders that are placed via this website, (using a credit card and not eCheck) by 4:00 PM (EST) on a business day will ship the same day. This does not apply to larger wholesale purchases. Orders placed after 4:00 PM, that don't make it out the same day are usually shipped on the following business day.

We do our best to keep shipping rates low, but we still have to abide by the FEDEX dimensional policies. If you order a package that is low in weight, but large in size (unfortunately most drinking straws are), you may be asked to pay more in shipping, or select a lower priority service. Any FEDEX changes and/or redirects due to incorrect shipping details are subject to a minimum $10 Fee. Any cancellations after an order has been shipped are also subject to a minimum $10 Fee.
For your protection, all orders are subject to a Credit Card Order Verification. It is our duty to make sure that your order was not made with a stolen credit card. In the event that your order is suspect, you will be sent an email with CREDIT CARD VERIFICATION NEEDED - YOUR ORDER IS ON HOLD in the subject line. Please promptly open and read the email and follow the instructions.
Straws & Stripes, LLC does its best to minimize expenses and provide you with the best possible prices. This includes keeping our shipping costs to a minimum. As you can see on the FEDEX chart below, we can get to many locations in 1, 2 or 3 days by ground.

Standard/Ground FEDEX Shipping Map Estimates

FEDEX Drinking straw shipping map